Reducing Our Impact



Our whole business ethos revolves around being kinder to nature. That Coco Company are, and always will be a cruelty free and plant based company. We've invested three years into research and development to source the best possible plant based waxes, fragrances, labels, packaging and every bit of equipment we need to operate. 

Coconut wax | The most eco friendly wax on the market. The coconut tree is considered a sustainable crop because it can be harvested year after year. We blend this with a little European Rapeseed wax and a trickle of Soy wax to harden to mixture.

Our wax is a completely natural plant wax with no nasty additives. The proof to this claim can be seen in our candles during cold months, you may find hairline cracks on the surface of the candle and this is a completely normal trait of a beautifully natural product, a testament to our commitment to being completely transparent with our customers.
We think of our wax just like a piece of wood, it expands and contracts with changing temperatures. 

Wood wicks | Our wicks are sourced from FCS Certified mills, held in metal wick sustainers and adhered with a plant based adhesive. 

Our shipping materials are as eco friendly as possible, whilst still maintaining the utmost quality. We use shredded recycled cardboard to protect our candles in transit, recycled & fully recyclable eco-boxes, eco tapes, recycled care cards and we do not issue paper invoices to further reduce waste.

And finally, our fabric wraps are made with natural un-dyed cotton and are a great alternative to disposable candle boxes. The fabric wraps can be used to wraps gifts over and over again.