Coco Nata Cocopot-Refill

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 Mature | Woody | Sweet

Fragrance Experience | An exotic beach at sunset, fallen coconuts, burning bonfires and warm sea air. A warm, mature and authentic Coconut Fragrance. 

Top | Sheer Butter.

Middle | Coconut.

Base | Elderflower, Amber

Blended with our signature coconut wax, crackling wood wicks and premium fragrances. 

Cocopot refills are specifically designed to fit our Cocopots and therefore will not fit any other type of pot, nor should the refills be burned as a pillar candle.
Refill your Cocopot with ease as all orders come with instruction cards and guidance. Cocopots are a discontinued line of poducts, therefore these Refills are for customers who already have a COCOPOT bought in 2022.