That Coco Company has certainly not been created by one person, it's taken a team of people and businesses to bring it all together.
To start, our candle supplies are all bought from UK companies. Supporting local business and reducing carbon footprint.

The fabric wraps are made from natural, un-dyed premium cotton, purchased from a family owned UK based business. A local seamstress in Wales sews each fabric wrap before we carefully hand print them with our gorgeous stamps which were a bespoke creation by a local artist. 

Our greeting cards were also designed and created by a fabulous illustrator based in Cardiff who holds all the same values as That Coco Company. Our cards and envelopes are made from recycled paper & the clear coverings are made from corn starch and are completely bio-degradable. 

Although we try our best, we can always still improve on our environmental processes and we will continue to work on this while we release new and exciting products in future.