Reusable Fabric Wrap

It was important to us to find an eco friendly alternative to a candle box, we did not want to showcase our candles in something that would be discarded straight away.

We then started to research and came across the Japanese ancient art of Furoshiki which involves wrapping gifts in beautiful fabrics. 

Furoshiki has become increasingly popular around the world as it has transformed the art of gift-giving. You can easily wrap a gift with our wraps, possibly tie with string or ribbon and add a gift tag for your message. We also like to add some foliage in the knots, such as dried flowers or holly at Christmas time. You can be as create or as minimalist as you like!

Our wraps are all handmade by ourselves and in collaboration with other small local businesses. The fabric used is a premium, natural and un-dyed cotton, bought from a family run fabric company who've been operating over 100 years. We measure and cut the fabric before a local seamstress then sews each one ensuring a fine finish and plenty of future uses. 

Our stamps were made by a wonderful artist who specialises in printmaking with her hand carved stamps. Together we chose 8 designs that would match each fragrance yet still be suitable for our customers to reuse them to wrap future gifts. We then carefully hand stamp each wrap at the That Coco Company workshop with toxic free fabric paints. 

The wraps have been heat treated so are suitable for washing on a normal cool wash and we would recommend that the wraps are ironed prior to re wrapping, for a smart finish. 

The wraps can be reused on any future gift giving occasion. They’re big enough to wrap books, jewellery, perfume and other small to medium sized gifts.