CocoPot + CocoVero Scent Infill

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Energise | Inspire | Awaken

Fragrance experience |  Envisage the sunshine coast of Vero, Florida. Fresh citrus fruits ripening under the hot sun, golden sandy beaches and red sunsets.
Zesty bursts of pink pomelo and sour lemon first greet the nose, lightened with creamy base notes of sweet vanilla. A real energising scent to wake up the senses.

Heart Notes| Pink grapefruit, mandarin, lime.

Base Notes| Vanilla, Jasmine, gardenia and lily.

Presented with a handmade Ceramic Cocopot. Simply unwrap your scent infill, insert into Cocopot, light and enjoy. Your order will come with instructions on how to refill. 

As each Cocopot is handmade in different styles by two potters, every Cocopot is slightly different in colour, texture and feel. In September we will have separate pages where you can choose which pot you'd prefer, in the meantime we will randomly choose a beautiful pot for you. 

Additional refills are available to purchase separately.